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Rosette Text Analytics

Automatically identify the common entity types in your multilingual text, including people, organizations, locations and more


Text analysis product by
Basis Technology

An adaptable platform for text analytics and discovery

'Rosette' is a text analysis product based on a complex algorithm. For that reason 'Basis technology' contacted us in a request to design a demo for the product, in a way that will be easy & simple for the user to understand what this technology is able to do.




Basis technology

Simple. Easy. Fast.

Our goal was showing the abilities of the technology in the simplest way possible. 2 clicks & you've got yourself an answer on what the product is capable of.

Artboard – 3.png


Simplification was necessary for us to let the user have a fast & easy experience testing the product. So we simplified the flow into 2 screens only - Input & Output. The only thing the user need to do is to insert text and click analyze to understand all the capabilities.  

Our Added Value


What if the user don't have an input text?
What if the text is too short and the analyzation is not very rich?
Do we want the user to exit the demo to search for the proper text?

This is why we added the presets. And not just a couple, but loads of presets, categorized to many different subjects and verticals, to keep the user moving without getting stuck on writing a text.

Artboard – 5.png
– 9.png
– 14.png
– 8.png
– 10.png
Artbo – 17.png
Artb 16.png
rd – 15.png


Artboard – 6.png

Color Experiments

It's difficult choosing the right color to a product that is based solely on text. We've tried different color combos to see which can make it without being overwhelming.





UX Wireframes

The user inputs a text/chooses a preset and it recognizes the language & number of words of the input text. He then  presses the 'analyze' button, which leads him to a general analysis of the text. The text broken down to the category, sentiment, concepts, key entities & phrases. The user can dig in deeper and get even more information at the relevant tabs. 

Mobile & Tablet

With the understanding that mobile devices has their limits we decided to leave some features out to keep the user experience the way we intended; clean & simple.

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