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Volta Solar

Solar Energy

Volta Solar works to provide sustainable -renewable solar energy with beautifully integrated and affordable solar rooftops for

all sectors.
They requested a remarkable website - glad we were chosen to make this happen.


Website / Animations / Graphic language


Volta Solar

StoreMaven transformed how top mobile companies like Facebook, Uber, and Warner Brothers optimize their marketing performance in the app stores. StoreMaven’s experts gained access to a treasure trove of data and attained unmatched domain expertise on how the app stores work.


We were asked to re brand StoreMaven in a way that presents their top expertise in the ASO field.




Volta Solar

Map Design

For an impactful first impression we wanted to illustrate Volta Solar's city vision, where the natural sunlight is ideally utilized for green energy. 
We created a bright and minimalistic city with buildings from all sectors, with a dynamic animation of changing shadows according to the time in the day to enhance the sunlight concept.

Group 6572.png

The Concept

In Volta solar's website, we used the idea of sunlight as a key element and we visualized it by using shadows. Light & shadow games are reflected in the designed elements, from the 3D animations to the cursor on the website.

We lost the sun

Even if you are lost in the website - the sun will light your way back.

The circle is a perfect natural shape, it's whole and infinite. The symbol is made of two circles and focuses on their meeting point.

Rectangle 946@2x.png

The Website

We designed a bright, clean & airy website which is totally inspired from sustainable green energy. 



They wanted an easy way for anyone to calculate the potential profit from adding solar panels to their structure. 
All you need is the size, shape & direction of your roof.
Meet the solar calculator!

How It Works

A cool interactive 3d model & animation we made for Volta Solar’s website which helps them explain what happens with your solar system in every part of the day.

Group 6949.png

Icons Design

Group 6236_2x.png
Group 6465.png

3D Elements

For the inner headers we designed and modeled 3D representations of buildings from the private, business and municipal sectors with solar systems installed.

Group 6950.png
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