Online fundraising platform

Donsplus is a donor-friendly donation widget for nonprofit websites. It helps raising money in a smart and easy way, that simplifies donor experiences and optimizes conversation rates.

We were asked to Design the Donation Widget, the Admin Backend Dashboard, and Donsplus Website.



Website, Widget, Dashboard


The website

The website emphasizes the simplicity of the Widget, it's clean functional and accessible.

Mask Group 219.png
Artboard – 3.png


Every idea starts on a piece of paper, here are some sketches from the process.

Icons and illustrations

As part of the graphic language, we created graphic elements and illustrations to add some fun to the website.

A Story of a Coin

As a brand that is all about donations, the coin was the base. We gave the coin some personality so it will reflect warmth and grace.


An overview of the Widget's features. Each feature is accompanied by an illustration that emphasizes its benefits.

The widget

A donation widget designed to convert online visitors into recurring donors.

White label

The Widget is meant to be implanted on different non-profit sites, therefore it can be easily costume branded to fit each and every site, for a perfect match.

4 Steps and you're done

The donation process can be exhausting. That's why We created a super quick path of only 4 steps, from Hello to Thank You. 

Asset 2@4x@2x.png


The Dashboard panel is where the site owner can manage the Widget's activity. It contains a lot of data, but is friendly and simple to use.

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