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The Easiest Way to Find, Share & Organize Across M365

The new is a web add-in that transforms Outlook into a central hub for M365 files and locations. The add-in allows users to upload documents, email attachments and messages to Microsoft 365 and easily share emails and documents with colleagues using secure document links. The challenge was to upgrade the product from an Outlook desktop COM add-in into a sleek, user friendly, web-based addition.


Product / UX UI / Illustrations

Client leptop mockup 03.png
02. Woman Laptope.png
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13. UI components Mobile Version all together.png
Mobile Version Part 1.png
Frame 364365.png
Frame 364401.png
Mobile Version.png
Icon Grid Mobile Version.png
Final Stripe Icon Grid.png

Each icon was meticulously crafted to be “pixel perfect” and seamlessly blend with the Outlook environment

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Photography Mobile Version.png
Photography Mobile Version.png
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