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Our Mission

Beside the need for an updated app with a new graphic look and better user interface. one of the goals we set for ourselves was to give an added value to the app, so it can be more than just a controller to the pods. 


interactive fitness training lightning  device.

BlazePod is a training device that measures and analyzes the performance of high-intensity exercises for maximum tracking and accuracy. The BlazePod allows users to train anywhere – in the studio or on the field, in individuals or in groups. Users have the ability to view training data within the BlazePod App for comparison and improvement and find a wide range of unique exercises to diversify their training.


Ui / Ux




Blazepod Old App


The fact that this is an app/product that has an active community of users was something to consider in our process and decisions. 

01 car interface
Artboard – 1.png

Personal Trainers

Personal trainers can use Blazepod with their clients in order to provide an improved training session using custom workouts and real-time data.

Artboard – 2.png

Physiotherapists can use Blazepod with their physical therapy patients in order to provide them with skills they need to improve agility, balance and strength.


Artboard – 3.png

Sports Enthusiasts & Athletes

Athletes and sport enthusiasts alike can use Blazepod to practice and improve their training at home or at the gym with preset and custom Blazepod workouts.

Blazepod Audience

Active Research

To understand the state of mind and needs of the user we practiced with the device ourselves.

Users testing - Meeting trainers

To see how real users respond to the desired changes to the app and it's structure we met actual trainers, interviewed them and tested our assumptions.

Design Approach

After a deep examination of the original app and feedback from clients, we came up with the solution to split the app into 2 main types of users - Trainees that only control the device, and to trainees that controls the devices and manage other trainees and groups of trainees in repetitive sessions and lessons.

This led us to a different flow for trainers -

who is training now > what exercises will he do.

Artboard – 1@2x.png



managing groups of trainees, observing, controlling, preparing exercises and lessons in advance.

Artboard – 1@2x.png



Self Training, creating exercises , following stats over time (career).

Design concept

focusing on the main feature that the device produces - light, brought us to design a graphic language based mostly on dark themes with glow and rich highlights, giving it a unique & distinguished  look with a more luxurious feel to the brand and mobile app.

Visual distribution

We used the graphic language to develop 2 themes that represent 2 areas of the app - bright one for management and offline actions & a dark theme for all activity related actions and online activity.

Artboard – 4@2x.png
Artboard – 3@2x.png



Artboard – 1@2x.png
Artboard – 2@2x.png

Personalized experience

To increase the ease of use in the user flows and to create an added value for the app, we tried to give solutions for a more personal experience.

Personal Trainers

Ready? Go.
Keep going!
Don't stop.
That's perfect.

Physical Therapists

Let's get started.
Just a bit more.
Keep it up!
That's wonderful.

No pods in sight. Maybe they pulled a muscle?

Blazepod is having trouble 
connecting to the internet. Try again

Micro Copy

What do we want the user to do, or feel when they click a call to action? What’s the purpose of a particular navigation label or an element? If you focus on the why, it will often define the how.

Pod settings


Controlling and connecting the pods is the most basic and essential function of the app, users use it oftenly.

Mask Group 332.png

Create Activity

Creating activity is a very complex flow with many parameters and options to choose from in order to create a new logic of a new activity.



Monitoring the live results and score during a drill is especially essential for trainers - so they can push trainees forward for better results.  

Lights ON WIX.png

3D pod

To allow maximum flexibility in design and to allow animation we created and 3d modelled the Pod.


In the process of updating the language of the brand we created a language that is also usable in other products such as the physical package of the pods - to create a whole experience of the brand.

Artboard – 11@2x.png
Artboard – 12@2x.png
Artboard – 9@2x.png
Artboard – 10@2x.png
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