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connected dash cam system that uses AI technology to automatically detect and record incidents.

Nexar makes every car smart and is building the world’s safe driving network. their website approaches costumers who wish to buy a camera, presenting the insurance feature, as well as presenting the city high level services and information it can provide With its services to municipalities.  





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The Challenge

Nexar approached us after a branding process they had in order to redesign their website.  the goal was to impress and entice potential users, data customers, employees, insurance partners, investors and anyone else interested in Nexar. Creating more trust with a wow effect.

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01 car interface

Visual Vs. Textual Storytelling

We had a big importance to the main page, as a first impression and a good introduction for Nexar's camera features and benefits, the chance to introduce the product in a clear and experiential way.
thats why we created a scroll flow experience that incorporate in parallel manner text and visual, to tell Nexar's story and features. using easy simple text, images and animations.

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Inner pages

In the inner pages we created a more standard pages with an interesting layout of small amount of texts with enough images and some animations for easy understanding of the content.

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Mobile version


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Nexar's Camera

for the creation of the animations in the main page we had to texture and animate Nexar's camera using Cinema 4D to have no limitations in our animations.

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