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In-Vehicle Cybersecurity

C2A Security was founded in 2016, dedicated to provide the automotive industry end to end in-vehicle cybersecurity protection. Combining multi-disciplinary world-renowned leaders from the automotive, embedded security and academic domains, C2A created a new approach for In-Vehicle Cybersecurity, bringing car manufacturers a comprehensive, yet practical vehicle security solution.


Branding / Digital




C2A, cyber to automotive , contacted our studio with its old branding and an existing company name. In order to build a new brand identity, we first conducted a comprehensive study of the key values of C2A, and thoroughly examined the target audience and competitors in the market. Immediately after the research, we began on creating the logotype, the letters “C” “2” “A” are built from one continuous line, which reflects the one and complete solution the company provides its customers. The unified and closed form that the logotype produces gives refers to a protected and assembled product that is not permeable to external burglaries, such as those of cyberattacks that threaten the vehicle control systems.


Color Scheme




3D car

The creation of the 3D model was constructed step by step. The graphic element inside the vehicle are Illustrative to the cars internal components, Surrounded by Colorful halos - presentive to the differnt protections C2A provides.


Image Making



Working closely with  C2A, we designed a brand identity that raises the profile of the company and helps present its holistic approach. The project includes a variety of promotional materials, exhabition graphics, digital presentations, a website,  and some of the new office interior design.

Exhibition Booth

Based on C2A’s brand guideline we produced an exhibition stand that presented at the IAA - New Mobility world, Frankfurt, Germany.  The stand design accesses the the companys product and creates a meaningful impact.


C2A’s website has a drak but clear design.
By using the visual language and graphic elements that were developed for the brand, C2A’S holistic approach is presented. The typography balances simple functionality with elegance.

Mobile View


Responsive design‏

We'd made sure we gave the appropriate experience in every place & platform from the smallest screen to the biggest.

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